What's Up with Marlee? is a fake VeggieTales episode.


One day, Marlee Meade and her family went to a video store to see if they had "Shrek 2". But they didn't. Marlee's brother, Garlee Meade said she has her pet unicorn at home. Then Marlee was upset about this. She was dragged away by two asparagus in white suits out of the video store and was sent into her room for punishment. The next day, Marlee and her family went to a toy store if they had a dumb unicorn movie. And they did. Marlee's brother, Larlee Meade says the trains cost money. Then she was dragged out of the toy store as the other veggies laughed at her. She was sent to her room again. Then, Howard Greenman came to her and stop Marlee's brothers' anger. Then Marlee and her family all went to order Chinese.


  • Petunia Rhubarb (Marlee Meade)
  • Garlee Meade
  • Larlee Meade
  • Mr. Lunt (Howard Greenman)
  • Two Asparagus

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