This classical has 1 story (Rack, Shack And Benny), and 3 silly songs (His Cheeseburger, The Hairbrush Song, and The Dance Of The Cucumber).


Rack, Shack, And Benny


  • Veggietales Theme Song
  • The Chocolate Factory
  • Junior's Lullaby
  • His Cheeseburger (Love Song With Mr. Lunt)
  • The Bunny Song
  • The Hairbrush Song  (Silly Songs With Larry)
  • The Bunny Song Reprise
  • The Dance Of The Cucumber (Silly Songs With Larry)
  • Stand Up!
  • What We Have Learned


In the beginning, Larry and Bob are on the countertop and Larry has a mitten on his head. He then falls into the sink. Bob then starts the story. It starts off with the song The Chocolate Factory. The Junior's Lullaby song then comes on after. Then right after, Mr. Nezzer says they can eat as much chocolate as they wish. The screen then timeouts and Bob says "More of Rack, Shack, And Benny will be back! During the break, listen to this song!" The Silly Songs With Larry card comes up. Then Archibald comes to cancel it and replaces it with His Cheeseburger.

Then after the song, Mr. Nezzer pulls the boys into his office and sings a little song. Then after, they had to bow down to the bunny. They didn't want too. They know to only bow down to God. Mr. Lunt tells Mr. Nezzer they aren't bowing down. The screen timeouts again and Bob says the same thing. Then the Silly Songs With Larry card come out and Larry performs The Hairbrush Song.

Last, Mr. Nezzer throws them in the fiery furnace and Laura comes to try to save them. Mr. Nezzer sings. Then Mr. Lunt tells him they are not burning. They come out. Then the screen did timeout for the last time and Bob said the same thing. Then Larry and Bob perform The Dance Of The Cucumber.

Rack, Shack, Benny, and Mr. Nezzer sing Stand, and ends how it normally ends.

Other MoviesEdit

Preceded by: None

Succeeded by: Veggietales Classicals With Silliness: Are You My Neighbor?



The Cover For Rack, Shack, And Benny!

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