Veggie Pirates!
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Plot Edit

Taking place at sea a war between Mr. Destruction's (Goliath's) Pirates and Elliot's (Bob's) Pirates causes Chaos. An adventure featuring favorite veggie characters into an action packed pirate comic.

Elliot's Pirates Edit


  • Bob as Elliot
  • Larry as Ricky
  • Mr. Lunt as Lawerence
  • Junior as Eric
  • Phil Winklestein as Frank
  • Ziggy as Himself
  • Ellen as Herself
  • Jimmy as James
  • Jerry as Himself
  • Peach as Norman
  • Archie as Lewis
  • Vicki as Rebecca
  • Charles Pincher as Charlie
  • Petunia as Rose
  • Scooter as Chris
  • Nicholas the Pepper as Nick
  • Kahlil as Himself
  • Big Jim as Himself
  • Silias as John
  • Espresso as himself
  • Chog Norrius as Cole
  • Bok Choy as Chicken Man
  • Barth as Himself
  • The Pigs as Pirate Goons
  • Cassie Cassava as Herself
  • Dark Crow as Himself
  • Scarlet Tomato as Himself
  • Gabe as Himself

Mr. Destruction's Pirates Edit


  • Goliath as Mr. Destruction
  • Eckstein the Leak as Destruction Jr.
  • Scallions as Themselves
  • Mandrid the Orange as Himself
  • Buzz Saw Louie as Himself
  • Palmy as Co Co
  • Miss. Achmetha as Acky
  • Madame Blueberry as Miss LaBlue
  • Pa Grape as Papa Grape
  • George as Lucas
  • Annie's Dad as Xavier
  • Gustav as Himself
  • The Grim Tickler as Reaper
  • Bruce Onion as Destruction Sr.
  • Evil Mirror as Destruction Boy
  • Robert The Terrible as Himself
  • Fib as himself
  • Rumor Weed as herself
  • Curly as Himself
  • Bad Apple as Herself
  • Sporks as Themselves
  • Po Ta To as Himself
  • Wicker as Himself
  • Lemon Twist as Herself
  • Eenie Meenie and Michael as Themselves

Other Characters Edit

  • Grandma Gourd as Teacher of Wisdom
  • Libby Asparagus as Selina
  • Sara Ruhbarb as Penny
  • Bob, Mark and Steve the cucumbers as Themselves
  • Mabel and Penelope as Mr. Destructions servants
  • Esther as Rose's Sister Renee
  • Tutu as Himself
  • Aunt Ruth as Herself
  • Hope as Angel of Pirates
  • Snooderella and Snoodledoo as Pirate Wizards
  • Eloise as Rose and Ricky's Daughter Sasha
  • Laura as Hostage
  • Emma Stewart as Hostage

Cameo Characters Edit

  • Gordon as Himself
  • Art Bigotti as Himself
  • Lovey as Herself
  • Blue Lobster as Himself
  • Henry the Potato as Himself
  • Alexander as Himself
  • Grandpa Zuccini as Himself
  • Betty as Herself
  • Gourdy as Himself
  • Benny as Himself

Equipment Edit

  • Elliot's Sword: Sword used by Elliot. It was used to slay a pirate in the 1800s
  • Mr. Destruction's Sword: Used by Mr. Destruction. It was used to slay the president in the 1900s.
  • Pirate Wizard Wands: Used by Pirate Wizards to cast spells.
  • Wisdom Book: Used by the Teacher of Wisdom to teach.

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