VeggieTunes Soundtrack is a VeggieTales Classics are The Story of Daivid and the Lion's Den, VeggieTown Values presents:VeggieLand Fun, The Story of Madeline and The Story of Lalaloopsy.



  1. Veggietales Intro 2004 (Where's God When I'm S-Scared 2004 VHS and DVD version)
  2. King Darius Suite
  3. Oh No!
  4. We've Got Some News
  5. The Water Buffalo Song (Silly Song)
  6. Hope's Song
  7. Beautiful You
  8. Smile from (8 bit version from The Brave Little Nutcracker Who Saves Christmas)
  9. How to Draw The (by The Lopez team)
  10. "Whip It" (by DEVO Vegetables)
  11. Nursey Rhymes Medley (by Kids Choirs)
  12. How to Draw The (DEVO) (by The Lopez team and DEVO Carrots)
  13. I'm Madeline
  14. Air Madeline
  15. Something is Not Right (oh no version) (instrumental)
  16. Ma Chérie, Oh Madeline!
  17. Ouila My Scar (finally of If I Didn't Have You from "Quest for Camelot")
  18. Theme Song (lalaloopsy) (intro)
  19. The Hairbrush Song
  20. Accidents Will Happen (Japanese)
  21. Stand Up (Animation version)
  22. What We Have Learned (8 bit)


  1. Babylon Intro (score)
  2. Island (score)
  3. Cinderella's Chores (score)
  4. Invitation to the ball (score)
  5. Fix a Dress/Giving Up Her Hopes (score)
  6. Cinderella's Fairy Godmother (score)
  7. To The Ball (score)
  8. The Girl Who Fits The Glass Flipper (score)
  9. Israelites Congratulate (score)
  10. Forgive O Matic (score)
  11. The Grapes of Math (score)
  12. Batter Up (scores)
  13. Spot-itis (scores)
  14. Rack, Shack and Benny (score)
  15. Legendery Sandwich (score)
  16. God is Bigger (Instrumental) (credits)
  17. Theme Song (lalaloopsy) (outro) (credits)