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The next installment in the VeggieTunes series. It includes songs from The Little House That Stood, MacLarry and the Stinky Cheese Battle, Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas, Veggies in Space: The Fennel Frontier, Celery Night Fever, Beauty and the Beet, and Noah's Ark.


  1. VeggieTales Theme Song
  2. Cabbageville
  3. Solid Stuff
  4. Cabbageville Reprise
  5. Happy Tooth Day
  6. Good Morning Mister Mayor
  7. Lend A Little Hand
  8. We're Barberbarians
  9. Chog Norrius
  10. The Worst Barberbarian
  11. Kilts and Stilts
  12. Oh MacLarry
  13. Were Barberbarians/MacLarry Norrius Reprise
  14. That's What Christmas Needs
  15. Elf Pledge
  16. Christmas Shines
  17. Wrapped Myself Up for Christmas
  18. Love For Christmas
  19. Christmas Shines Reprise
  20. Meewantium
  21. I Wonder
  22. Asteroid Cowboys
  23. Good for the Grabbing
  24. Enough to Share
  25. Enough to Share Reprise
  26. Together
  27. I Love Checkmarks
  28. Feel the Beat
  29. How it Used to Be
  30. I'm Gonna Tear It Down
  31. Together Reprise
  32. Together Finale
  33. Perfect Puppy
  34. Show You Love
  35. The Person God Wants Me To Be
  36. Now That Your Gone
  37. If This Were My Home
  38. Mac And Cheese
  39. La La La La
  40. 5 Servings of You
  41. Love is The Song
  42. Love is The Song Finale
  43. Deck the Halls
  44. Come in Twos
  45. I've Got Plans
  46. Trust Song
  47. Welcome You Aboard
  48. Welcome You Aboard Reprise
  49. My Golden Egg
  50. No More Rain
  51. I Had Plans
  52. Dove Song
  53. God's Got Plans
  54. Light of Christmas
  55. What We Have Learned (Disco)

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