In 2009, Netflix made many VeggieTales videos (in their uncut, original formats) and feature films available via their video streaming service. On March 14, 2014, Netflix announced a new VeggieTales television show from DreamWorks Animation Television entitled VeggieTales In The House. Big Idea has also published VeggieTales books and music CDs and branded items such as toys, clothing, and garden seeds for vegetables and flowers. A spin off called VeggieTales in the City was released February 24, 2017.


  • Tony Hale: Yambot, Marshmallow henchmen, computer voice (S04E52)
  • Maurice LaMarche: George Cucumber (S04E48)
  • Tress MacNeille: Laura Carrot, Petunia Rhubarb, Junior Asparagus, Madame Blueberry, Little Girl (S01E5), Lisa Asparagus, Radish Minions, Tiny Celerina, Corn Women, Mommy-saurus (S03E32)
  • Kel Mitchell: Mr. Pea, Silly Pea, Tiny Pea
  • China Anne McClain: Jenna Chive
  • Mike Nawrocki: Larry the Cucumber/LarryBoy, Jerry Gourd, Jean Claude, Customer #1 (S01E3), Kid 1 (S01E5), Radish Minions
  • Rob Paulsen: Ichabeezer, Tom Celeriac, Tough Guy TV Announcer (S01E2), Announcer, Voice (S01E4), Dr. Carrot (S01E4), Bacon Bill, Motato, Radish Minions, Captain Mike Asparagus, Takeasaurus/Blaine,
  • Phil Vischer: Bob the Tomato, Philippe, Pa Grape, Rooney, Corn Man (S01E1), Mr. Lunt, Mayor Archibald, Customer #1 (S01E3) Granny Asparagus. Kid 2 (S01E5) Corgi (S01E5), Radish Minions