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This is Phineasnferb's own version of the VeggieTales theme song. It was first used in The League of Incredible Vegetables Return! I made my own theme song on YouTube and decided to use it on here as well!

July 2013-June 2014Edit

VeggieTales Theme Song (Fanmade)01:24

VeggieTales Theme Song (Fanmade)


July 2014-September 2015Edit

2nd VeggieTales Theme Song (Fanmade)01:23

2nd VeggieTales Theme Song (Fanmade)


October 2015-Present Edit

VeggieTales Theme Song (Phineasnferb's Version)01:20

VeggieTales Theme Song (Phineasnferb's Version)

The first theme song to use the new format.

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