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This is the cast of VeggieTales.


  • Mike Nawrocki:Larry the Cucumber, Jerry Gourd, Jean-Claude Pea, Scallion #2, The Peach, Qwerty, Alfredo, Tour Guide, Potato Henchmen 1/Mexico Extras/Guitar Player/Oscar the Polish Caterer/Townsperson/The Tunips/French Peas/American Peas/Dirk Evert/Sheep #2 Grandpa Gourd/Art Green/Unbrilliant/Extreme Veggie Crew Member #1/Extreme Veggie Crew Member #2/Baguette Guy/General Celery/Beni Haha Announcer/Tom Turnip/Stagehand/Dad Carrot/Ziggy/Robot Guards/Henchmen/Pal Mad Scientest/Leon Merengue's (singing voice) Cockney Eagle
  • Phil Vischer: Bob the Tomato/Archibald Asparagus/Pa Grape/Mr. Lunt/Jimmy Gourd/Mr. Nezzer/Philippe Pea/Scallion #1/Tom Grape/Grandpa George/Phil Winkelstein/Goliath/Percy Pea/Dad Pea/Dad Carrot/Silly Song Announcer/Sheep #1/French Peas/American Peas Phillip Jr. Annie's Dad/Crony Pea
  • Lisa Vischer: Junior Asparagus Mom Asparagus (singing voice) Jacques' Mom Annie's Mom
  • Lesley Benodin: Lil' Pea
  • Gail Bock: Penelope Asparagus, 'Lovey' Asparagus
  • Bridget Miller: Ma Grape Rosie Grape Lenny Carrot
  • Chris Olsen: Christoff Pea Lenny Carrot
  • Javier Alverez: Manuel
  • Jeff Morrow: Palmy
  • Ken Cavanough: Buzz Saw Louie
  • Kristin Blegen: Laura Carrot
  • Shelby Vischer: Annie
  • Cam Clarke: The King
  • Laura Gerow: Eloise
  • Yuri Lowenthal: Alexander
  • Alan Lee: Nicky's Father Gustav The Conductor (Gabe the Squash)
  • Cydney Trent: Petunia Rhubarb Tourist Mom in Mexico Waitress Maids
  • Keri Pisapia Pagetta: Ellen Laura Carrot Mom Asparagus (speaking voice) Grandma Gourd Nicky's Mother Barney Green
  • Megan Murphy: Madame Blueberry Papaya Poppyseed Parsely Poppyseed Ermie Asparagus Christina's Mom Laura Carrot
  • Sondra Morton Chaffin: Caroline
  • Jim Poole: Scooter Carrot Townsperson Customer Extreme Veggie Crew Member #3
  • Tim Hodge: Khalil Charles Pincher Sumo Passerby Blind Lemon Lincoln Father King's Ship Officer Granny Nezzer Worker Marty Wings Shop Owner Zippy Mad Scientest/Leon Merengue's (speaking voice) Camels
  • Drake Lyle: George Jr.
  • Ally Nawrocki: Lucy Girl Pea Emily Evert
  • Joe Spadaford: Leo Barking Steve Jacob Lewis
  • John Wahba: Dad Carrot Townsperson Dungeon Guard Umbrella Man
  • Colleen Curtis: Theater Customer Woman
  • Brian Roberts: Gourdon Steadfast Soldier Theater Customer Man Scallion #3 French Pea #3 French Peas Drummer Guard Extreme Veggie Crew Member #4 Reverse Mortgage Director
  • Kurt Heinecke: Sheep #3
  • Anna Grace Stewart: Sara Crew Soozie
  • Marin Miller: Miss Minchin
  • Fred Paragano: Soleil
  • Mark Steele: Dr. Flurry Announcer
  • Kristina Barret: Pea Girl Pea Girl #3
  • Michael Nawrocki: Dirk Evert Pea Boy Tourist Boy in Mexico Spanish Singing Child 3 & 4 Boy in Museum Steven
  • Alejandra Nawrocki: Spanish Singing Child 1 & 2
  • Dan Anderson: Dad Asparagus
  • Trevor Devall: Espresso
  • Kevin Gamble: Pizza Guy Canvas Seller
  • Rebecca Walker: Paprika Poppyseed
  • Rachel Curet: Pea Girl #2 Laura Neutzling: Pea Girl #1 The Pea Girl Worker Betty Hat Lady
  • Logan White: Pepper Poppyseed Joe Tomato
  • Matthew Hodge: Wiseman Pea
  • Henry Haggard: Chog Norrius
  • Julie Smith: The French Peas Mayor's Daughter Chesster's Mother
  • Dustin Ballard: Gate Keeper
  • Zoe Mok: Jill Pea
  • Stevey Joy Ru Chapman: Emma Green  
  • Gigi Abraham: Nicky the Pepper Lanny's Granddaughter
  • Kellie Pickler: Mirabelle
  • Josiah Mok Little Nate
  • Daniel Bradom: French Peas
  • J. Chris Wall: Townspersons Poor Father Scallion Dad Tomato Tod Turnip Dad Asparagus Houston (Green Bean) Henchmen Chesster's Father
  • Terry Crews: Bruce Onion Terry Turnip
  • Torry Martin: Worker Andy Unflattering Hat Authur
  • Babe Humpher: Narrator
  • Sloan Yarborough: Bill
  • Rachael Pitts: Maid Kids Mary Egg Boy
  • Miles Fuqua: Baa-Baa Samson the Donkey Joshua the Camel
  • Maggie Roberts: Annie Bathroom Girl
  • Leslie Ferrell: Passerby #1
  • Greg Fritz: Passerby #2
  • Melinda Doolittle: Cassie Cassava
  • Pamela Thomas: Mabel Esther singing voice
  • Ron Smith: Crazy Jopponian Rusty Ventril-o-matic
  • Carly Henderson: T-Bot
  • Delilah: Sarah
  • Clarlotte Jackson: Isaac
  • Nadine Wall: Harold Pea
  • Grace Wall: Wee Pea

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