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The VeggieTales back-to-school activity kit is a kit filled with activities to do before or after the first day of school. It includes 12 DVDs, 6 CDs, 3 toys, 3 apparel, 3 games, and 9 books to keep you occupied.

Included with this Kit Edit



  • Boyz in the Sink
  • Silly Songs with Larry
  • VeggieTales Greatest Hits
  • Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie Soundtrack
  • LarryBoy Soundtrack
  • The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree


  • Bob and Larry plush toys
  • VeggieTales Pop-Up Playhouse
  • Robin Good Lenticular Puzzle


  • The League of Incredible Vegetables T-Shirt
  • Campfire Sublimation Shirt
  • Scuba Sublimation Shirt



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