The Veggienauts is the next exciting episode of VeggieTales the story of a Captain & His Crew


The CountertopEdit

Bob and Larry introduce the show normally for a change They introduce the show normally and then go to QWERTY to get the letter. QWERTY says the letter is from a kid named The Captain now he once to know that he has to go in underwater Bob said that was a tough one, but that they have a couple of stories that just might help. Bob said to roll the film.

The VeggienautsEdit

When Aashi is swallowed by a whale shark she thought was a cave, the Veggienauts venture inside it to rescue her. the Creature Reports are one-minute, musical, poem-like sequences which recap the facts learned about the sea creature that the Veggienauts encountered in the associated episode. In the UK these were shown as separately scheduled items but in the American version they were used at the conclusion of each regular episode

What We Have LearnedEdit

Larry and Bob liked the story and then it was time to talk about what they learned. They got their verse and then Bob, Larry, and The Captain said good bye.



  • The Veggienauts is parody of The Octonauts

Running GagsEdit

Silly SongEdit


What We Have Learned songEdit


They Got a Letter FromEdit

The Captain


  • Bob the Tomato
  • Larry the Cucumber
  • The Captain
  • The King (Captain Karnacles)
  • Alexander (Awazii)
  • Tod Turnip (Teso)
  • The Peach (Professor Pinkling)
  • George (Ghellington)
  • Laura Carrot (Lweak)
  • Annie (Aashi)
  • Junior Asparagus(Junip)
  • Veggie Kids (Vegimal Kids)

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