The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything and Me is an episode with the lesson of importance of School and following God's plan. It is a Walmart exclusive of Bubble Veggies because they both have the lesson of the importance of School.


In the Countertop, Bob gets a letter from a kid named Max Randels of Rochester, Michigan who doesn't like school. Larry has the perfect story for Max and tells him to "grab your popcorn, turn down the lights, and get ready for... The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything and Me!"

The story begins with the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything singing their song when they hear a knock on the door of their ship. It's Junior. Junior asks the Pirates what they do. They say, "We don't do anything. Nothing. Ziltch. Nada." Junior says that not doing anything is a good plan and decides to join. Pa Grape doesn't approve, but Larry and Mr. Lunt do and start making Junior a Pirate's costume. Pa just rolls his eyes. After Junior gets his costume, they continue singing the song, but Junior gets Larry's second verse.

After the Silly Song, Junior and the Pirates go watch TV. Junior has brought a few movies and places one in (It's the 1993 copy of VeggieTales: Where's God When I'm S-Scared if you look closely). But then we cut to Dad Asparagus and Mom Asparagus searching for Junior, then Dad hears Junior on the ship laughing his head off at the video. He knows where he is and brings the cops who arrest Junior for not attending School. Pa Grape states, "I knew this was a bad idea." Then Larry and Mr. Lunt get arrested too for being involved. After Junior, Larry, and Mr. Lunt are thrown in jail, the cops tell Junior that it's important to go to School. After the cops leave, three other prisoners are seen playing Go Fish. They are the Milk Money Bandits. Junior says it's going to be a long time in jail.

In the end, Bob and Larry get their verse (the same as in Bubble Veggies) and say Goodbye.


Silly SongEdit

Campfire Songs with Bob and Larry

What Have We Learned SongEdit


Kid they Got a Letter FromEdit



  • The other videos Junior brings on the ship are Super Mario Bros. Super Show: The Great BMX Race and a Thomas and Friends video.
  • On the countertop, Larry tells Max to grab the popcorn, turn down the lights, and get ready for the story. This is a reference to "LarryBoy and the Fib From Outer Space".
  • This is based upon the book of the same name.

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