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Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber are taking the Veggie kids to Veggie Island on a Cub Sprout camping trip. Junior Asparagus needs to earn his merit badges, and he needs help. But the trip takes a turn when the Cub Sprouts' canoe drifts away. The only way off the island is with a motorboat, but the Veggies can't find the boat's owner. As kids search for the owner, a mystery unfolds, and they discover everything from pirate maps to secret hideouts and buried treasure. Then, in a very Veggie turn of events, kids learn a valuable lesson about helping others.


  • Bob the Tomato as Camp Leader
  • Larry the Cucumber as Camp Leader's assistant
  • Jimmy Gourd as Harold
  • Jerry Gourd as Erik
  • Laura Carrot as Cup Sprout Crew #1
  • Percy Pea as Cup Sprout Crew #2
  • Junior Asparagus as Cup Sprout #3
  • Mr. Nezzer aka Salty C Nezzer as himself
  • Socrates the Parrot as himself

Character VoicesEdit

  • Mike Nawrocki:
    • Camp Leader's assistant (Larry the Cucucmber)
    • Erik (Jerry Gourd)
  • Lisa Vischer:
    • Cup Sprout #3 (Junior Asparagus)
    • Cup Sprout #1 (Laura Carrot)
  • Phil Vischer:
    • Camp Leader (Bob the Tomato)
    • Cup Sprout #2 (Percy Pea)
    • Mr. Nezzer aka Salty C. Nezzer
    • Scorates the Parrot
    • Harold (Jimmy Gourd)

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