The End of the Sillieness: present The Midnight of Madness is the eleventh episode of VeggieTales and the second sing along video. If a sequel to The End of Silliness, a parody of "The End of SPOOKINESS??" 

Join the Story in this fast-paced sing-along collection as we find Kitten a scallion drowing her sorrows at the ice cream parlor can Poll cheer up our forlon scallion will Julie Pea ever forgive Kitten and give her back her song most importantly how much ice cream can a scallion eat before she gets one of those really bad headaches?

Sing Yourself silly with some of your favorite VeggieTales songs and find the answer to the question everone in asking -- is this The End of Sillieness

The next episode "QBT Alvin! & the POWER of FireWorks!"


The plot opens in an ice cream parlor where is to sleep over the cancellation of his "Silly Songs with Larry" segment. As he tosses and turns in his sleep from the bad memories, Jimmy wakes him up and asks Kitten why she's so upset. Kitten explains by having Jimmy go over to the jukebox and play "The Water Baffalo Song", then complains that it wasn't his fault that the song got messed up.

Because one of Larry's silly songs, "The Water Baffalo Song" was so silly and confusing, The Banker has replaced Silly Songs with Larry with "Love Songs with Mr. Lunt." Feeling depressed, he goes down to the ice cream parlor to drown his sorrows. While there, Poll and Fred tries and fails to cheer up Kitten by showing her past Silly Songs.

As Archibald and his wife enter the parlor, Jimmy tries to cheer Kitten up by playing some more songs on the jukebox. After hearing "The Thankfulness Song", Kitten tries to cheer herself up by saying that she's thankful for the time he did have with his silly songs, but she breaks down crying again and Poll rushes.

Later, Jimmy tries again to get Kitten to explain why he's so upset. A mysterious man reveals himself as The Banker, who plays the Love Songs with Mr. Lunt segment "His Cheeseburger". "His Cheeseburger" is the song which Mr. Lunt sings about one vegetable's love for a cheeseburger. After the song, Jimmy angrily confronts Archibald over his actions, and Archibald admits it's his fault that Larry is so upset. Archibald argues that he was looking out for the show's standards, but then opens his briefcase to reveal a stack of signed papers from fans, asking that Lazarus Mushroom forgives Kitten and restores his segment to the show.

Lazarus Mushroom appears with his family of Mushroom and at first tries to avoid being recognized by Kitten, but eventually he reveals herself Now understanding the reason for Kitten's distress, Poll becomes angry at The Banker and stands up for Kitten, stating that he would feel the same way if he were in Kitten's position.

Julie Pea apologizes and reads Kitten a petition from millions of fans who all say that the misunderstanding from "The Water Buffalo Song" should be forgiven. Lazarus Mushroom then lets Kitten know that he can perform Silly Songs again. Overjoyed, Kitten is given the honor of releasing a new song and the episode concludes with "Stop and Go with Mercy" from an episode called "Partyservices Lopez"



Trivia Edit

Explanations Edit

  • A waffle cone is ice cream in a waffle cone.
  • A push-up is frozen yogurt (usually orange flavored) in a small tube with a stick. You push the treat with a stick.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode to use rain effects.
  • This marks the first instance Moose Lake is mentioned, and would become a later running gag in the series. This is also the first time someone said a big no.
  • The suitcase was designed by Daniel Lopez. He actually wanted to put a machine gun as a joke, but they declined it..
  • There were two scripts that were included on the DVD. They're both the same, except Jimmy was a ice cream bar tender instead of a soda jerk and there was no scene between the "Thankfulness Song" and "Big Things Too" in the altenrtive one.
  • The Lyrick Studios VHS release changed the Title card to say "The End of Silliness! More Really Silly Songs". However, the DVD release retained the original "Silly Sing-Along 2: The End of Silliness!" title card from the Word Entertainment VHS release.
  • After hearing "The Thankfulness Song", Larry breaks down in tears, singing "It Isn't Any Trouble Just to S-M-I-L-E".
  • The ice cream parlor is based on a painting titled "Nighthawks" which shows a bartender, a man and a woman at the bar.
  • On the bathroom doors there is a cucumber and a cucumber with a dress.
  • Some songs like My Name is Daniel, We Are the Grapes of Wrath, Love Your Neighbor, Think of Me, The Lord has Given, Larry-Boy, Oh Santa, and You Were in his Hand could been added from a deleted scene

Remarks Edit

  • The settings menu shows Larry with Babara Manntee, even though that song's not in the DVD.
  • Larry asks Jimmy if Scallions Two and Three got hurt in the song, even though 1. Jimmy wasn't in that episode, and 2. Larry was there watching them and should've d know what happened.
  • The rain suddenly stops after Archibald opens his suitcase.
  • Although not a goof, there are some shots where Larry's seen without his tooth.

Goofs Edit

  • When Larry tells Jimmy to play G7, there's some black from the rain animation on Larry.

Inside References Edit

  • The number G-7 could be referring either to the seventh episode of VeggieTales (excluding the ones between Dave and Larry-Boy since they do include the countertop), or the seventh Silly Song in the entire series.

Real World References Edit

  • As stated by Mike Nawrocki, the opening scene of Jimmy's restaurant is a spoof of a painting with a similar scene called Nighthawks.