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The Cucumber King is a VeggieTales episode, where Limba (Larry) learns how to deal with feeling young at heart.


The CountertopEdit

Bob and Larry introduce the show normally. Then they go over to QWERTY for a letter from a kid named Wayne in Trenton, New Jersey. In this letter, Wayne says he is becoming too old, and that he feels like he wants to feel young again by hanging out with his friends. Bob thinks that is a tricky question, and says he has a story that might help. Larry said to roll the film.

The StoryEdit

What We Have LearnedEdit


  • VeggieTales Theme Song
  • All Hail Limba!
  • I Love Being King
  • When You Leave Me Behind
  • Jimon and Pumbaa's Song
  • No Matter How Old
  • What We Have Learned

Running GagsEdit

Silly SongEdit

The Blues with Larry "When You Leave Me Behind"

What We Have Learned songEdit


Kid They Got a Letter FromEdit



  • This is based upon The Lion King.
  • This is the second time "The Blues with Larry" is used. The first was in "Duke and the Great Pie War".


  • Larry (Limba)
  • Petunia (Pula)
  • Apollo Gourd (Apufasa)
  • Bob (Bar)
  • Jean-Claude (Jimon)
  • Phillipe (Pumbaa)
  • Pa Grape (Pafiki)
  • Mr. Lunt (Lazu)
  • Madame Blueberry (Marabi)
  • Miss Achmetha (Aarafina)
  • Mr. Nezzer (Nhenzi)
  • Goliath (Ganzai)
  • Chog Norrius (Ced)

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