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A sing-along episode with a plot. LarryBoy and Alfred host a sing-along event in town, but Dr. Flurry wants to ruin everything.


LarryBoy and Alfred are welcoming some citizens of Bumblyburg into the Larry Cave, where the party is going on. Everyone can't wait to sing-along to songs. Dr. Flurry on the other hand is ready to crash the party.

After The Water Buffalo Song, Dr. Flurry bursts into the Larry Cave, ready to destroy the fun. Everyone starts to flee but Alfred tells everyone to stay here and keep calm. LarryBoy punishes Dr. Flurry by singing along to some of the songs.

After Astonishing Wigs, Dr. Flurry has just about had it with the songs. Officer Scooter takes Dr. Flurry to jail, and Alfred resumes the rest of the songs.

After the LarryBoy Theme Song, it's time to go. LarryBoy hopes everyone had a good time singing. Everyone says goodbye. LarryBoy asks Alfred what songs they'll use in next year's sing-along. Alfred asks what next sing-along. LarryBoy shrugs and suggests the idea.


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