The video that's linked above is VeggieTales Screen Test: Take 38, a rarely seen animation test/sales pitch for VeggieTales that was made by Phil Vischer in early 1992 in order to try and sell the series to several Christian publishers in order to raise money to make it.

This piece is historic for several reasons such as being the first appearances of Bob the Tomato, Archibald Asparagus (who at this point was simply an unnamed snotty British asparagus that Phil had based off of John Cleese), Mom Asparagus (portrayed here as Archie's wife since Junior had not been created yet and is voiced by Mike Nawrocki in a very Monty Python-esque fashion), and the rarely seen blue plastic wind-up lobster. Larry (voiced here by Mike for the very first time with a voice eerily similar to Scallion #2) and the countertop had previously been created by Phil for another rarely seen animation test he did in 1991 called Mr. Cuke's Screen Test. This piece also have the very first instance of Larry being mistaken for a pickle (by Archie) which is a running gag that still occasionally pops to this very day.

Trivia Edit

The Number 38 becomes a running gag throughout the series

Archibald Asparagus was the tritagonist of VeggieTales before Junior was created (also the main antagonist)

Larry speaks for the first time

Bob's Speech is a parody of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech

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