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Again, Stand Up; Stand Tall; Stand Strong! is a fan-fic thing to make. It is a sequel to Heroes of the Bible - Stand Up, Stand Tall, Stand Strong! A compilation of stories about little people who can do big things from God.


  • Lord of the Beans
  • It's a Meaningful Life
  • Saint Nicholas


A magical bean, a plan for the future, and the magic of giving sends you into a world of unreal legends! Includes 4 Great Silly Songs!


Over the mountains of Much-Snowia, deep into the Raspberry Forest, then through the Blue Gate, and into the Land of Woe is a quest for truth and purpose. An army of sporks are sent to find one thing - the bean of power. But the bean has been given to an unlikely flobbit.


It was the most important game of his life and Stewart had a chance to win it all. But one bad play changed his life forever. Soon, he wonders how things could've been different. When he boards a train, he gets the life he wants.


The Veggies go back in time to meet young Saint Nicholas who made a discovery in Bethlehem that changed Christmas forever.

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