School House Polka is a sing-along DVD released and as an addtion to the Sing-Alongs DVD Collection, following "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" and "The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps". This DVD was released the same time as Kilts and Stilts.


  1. School House Polka from Sumo of the Opera
  2. Do the Moo Shoo from The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown
  3. It's Laura's Fault from Larry-Boy and the Fib from Outer Space
  4. Mac and Cheese from Beauty and the Beet
  5. Praising God All Day from Coast to Coast: The Story of the Cucumber of Florida
  6. Radio Sweetheart from Princess and the Popstar
  7. I Can Be Your Friend from Are You My Neighbor
  8. BFF (Best Friends Forever) from The Penniless Princess
  9. Love My Lips from Dave and the Giant Pickle
  10. Rumor Weed Song from Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed

Bonus: Haman's Song from Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen

Chapter SelectionsEdit

  • The instrumental for Chapters 1-4 is School House Polka
  • The instrumental for Chapters 5-8 is Radio Sweetheart
  • The instrumental for Chapters 9-Bonus is Haman's Song


The transition in between songs is a bit from Love My Lips

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