Music from and Inspired by Toy Story is a companion CD to Toy Story.


  1. Better Than Friends
  2. Strange Things are Coming My Way
  3. How it Used to Be
  4. Woody's Song
  5. I Couldn't Sail No Longer
  6. The Battle is Not Ours
  7. Buzz Lightyear Theme Song
  8. The Great "I Am"
  9. Perfect Puppy
  10. Happy River
  11. Larry's High Silk Hat
  12. I Can Be Your Friend
  13. Andy's Birthday (score)
  14. Soldier's Mission (score)
  15. Presents (score)
  16. Buzz (score)
  17. Sid (score)
  18. Woody and Buzz (score)
  19. Mutant (score)
  20. Woody's Gone! (score)
  21. The Big One (score)
  22. Hang Together (score)
  23. On the Move (score)
  24. Infinity and Beyond (score)

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