Master explorer Minnesota Cuke (Larry the Cucumber) has recovered the fable Crock of Hookie Balookie. But trouble strikes when his airplane crashes in the jungle, and when Minnesota locates it he discovers that the treasure is missing! With help from Bob the Tomato, you and Minnesota will track the Crock to the legendary city of the Coconut Apes --- and learn an important lesson about stealing.


  • Bob the Tomato 
  • Larry the Cucumber (Minnesota Cuke)
  • Coconut Apes
  • The Peas (Jungle Jimmy's Guards)
  • Jimmy Gourd (Jungle Jimmy)

Character VoicesEdit

  • Mike Nawrocki:
    • Minnesota Cuke (Larry the Cucumber)
    • Jungle Jimmy's Guards (The Peas)
    • Jungle Jimmy's Guard #1 (Jean Claude Pea)
  • Phil Vischer:
    • Bob the Tomato 
    • Jungle Jimmy's Guards (The Peas)
    • Jungle Jimmy's Guard #2 (Philippe Pea)
    • Jungle Jimmy's Guard #3 (Percy Pea)
    • Jungle Jimmy (Jimmy Gourd)

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