Lopez Beauty and the Beastly Beet is a sequel Beauty and the Beet, Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry's Big River Rescue, The Lion King 1½ and Minions (film)


  • Rob Paulsen:
    • Finnegan J Beet (aka Mr. Beet)
  • John Willson:
    • Huck (Poll Button)
    • Tom (Fred Button)
  • Pierre Coffin:
    • Tim the Minion|John the Minion|Mark the Minion|Phil the Minion|Ken & Mike the Minions
    • Kevin the Minion
    • Bob the Minion 
    • Stuart the Minion
  • Chris Renaud:
    • Dave
    • Billy
    • Larry
  • Jemaine Clement:
    • Kevin
    • Jerry
  • Conrad Vernon:
    • Gingerbread Man (aka Gingy)


  • George Bailey
  • H.D. Quinn
  • Veronica Taylor

Additional Minions/Minions (Various)Edit

  • Pierre Coffin
  • Chris Renaud

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