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Lies Are a Monstrous Thing is a chapter book adaption of "LarryBoy and the Fib From Outer Space". It is 96 pages long with 8 pages of full color pictures from the episode and is published by Scholastic.

Changes From the EpisodeEdit

  • LarryBoy's previous adventures are mentioned: the Rumor Weed, the Bad Apple, his two adventures with the league, and the waffle overdose
  • Instead of an apple chopper, Junior says Laura broke the plate with a buzz saw

Additions to the BookEdit

  • Larry and Alfred play more turns of Candy Land
  • LarryBoy makes out a full conversation with Junior when he sees him in town
  • Junior convinces the Fib to tell him a bedtime story
  • Mom Asparagus and Scooter try to recover Dad Asparagus after he faints
  • LarryBoy buys chocolate while he's out searching for the Fib
  • In addition to the kid with green hair and dog that can whistle, he mentions he saw a walking soda bottle