It's a Meaningful Life 2: The Rest of the Story App is an app based on "The Great Escape!". It features similar features and elements to The League of Incredible Vegetables app, but the graphics are enhanced, and The Chipmunks can move faster than the League.


  • Put yourself IN the movie. The game follows the path of The Chipmunks, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, Petunia, and their friends through the movie complete with video scenes between each Act!
  • Gorgeous 3D environments and characters taken straight from the all-new VeggieTales DVD!
  • Choose your favorite VeggieTales characters to battle Mr. Marigold and his mighty gang of no-good minions across 4 acts, 6 chapters and 28 challenging levels!
  • Simple Tap-and-Drag controls to select, move and activate the superpowers of your heroes!
  • Earn Courage Coins each level to buy over 60 powers and upgrades in the Labs!
  • Replay missions with the different combinations of heroes to earn more Courage Coins to unlock even stronger powers!
  • Awesome soundtrack and sound effects straight from the movie!


  1. Meeting Elliot and Sedgewick
  2. Ninaborough
  3. A Tricky Quest for a Royal Discovery
  4. The Pirate Ship
  5. The Marigolds are Defeated!
  6. The End of Our Story


  1. Hopes of Raiding Ninaborough
  2. Merry Alvin's Ridiculous Turn of Events
  3. Ninaborough
  4. Writing the Slavery Interview
  5. The Interview Speech
  6. Mr. Marigold
  7. A Speech to the People
  8. A Pushover
  9. Official Chipmunk Investigation
  10. The Mayor's Office
  11. Journey to a New World
  12. Canyon Guarding
  13. Setting Sail
  14. The Chipmunks Climb Onboard
  15. A Bumpy Ride
  16. The Ship Hold
  17. A Dream/Nightmare
  18. The Storm Hits
  19. 38 Years Ago...
  20. An Encounter with a Shark
  21. "I Gotta Get Her Back!"
  22. Thar She Blows!
  23. Calvin the Grumpy
  24. Luggage Stealer
  25. A Great, Big Whirlpool!
  26. Plans for a Parade
  27. Bridge Machine
  28. Marigolds Defeated!

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