An all-new collection from VeggieTales! It includes three stories about using our gifts for other people.


Bob introduces himself, but Larry isn't there. Bob calls out for Larry, but he can't find him. Eventually, Larry comes out to the countertop. He asks Bob what it takes to use a gift for a person. Bob says that he knows of a few stories that'll show how you can truly help others. He shows the first story: Lord of the Beans.

Larry thought that was an amazing story, and he didn't really get what was so helpful about it. Bob said he would get it eventually. Junior comes out and wonders what Bob and Larry are doing. Bob tells Junior that he's showing Larry some stories on how to use a gift for someone else. Junior thinks that's great, and knows another story about a person who uses his share of his property for one of his own friends. It was called "A Chipmunk Christmas".

Bob asks if Larry is starting to understand this better. Larry still doesn't quite get it. Bob thinks one more story ought to do the trick. The last story is "MacLarry and the Stinky Cheese Battle".



  • VeggieTales Theme Song
  • A Little More of This
  • This Bean
  • To Have a Gift
  • I'm a Lucky Fella
  • Best Friends Forever
  • The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
  • A Little Bit of This
  • How I Love the Shopping
  • With a Ha-Ha-Ha
  • This is Rather Eerie
  • What Would Philip Fleagle Think?
  • To Have a Gift (again)
  • The Biscuit of Zazzamarandabo
  • We're Barber-Barians
  • Chog Norrius
  • The Worst Barber-Barian
  • Oh MacLarry
  • We're Barber-Barians/MacLarry Norrius (reprise)
  • Schoolhouse Polka


  • Larry (MacLarry, Ear-a-Corn, Alvin, Lawrence/Merry Larry)
  • Bob (MacBob, Philip Fleagle)
  • Archibald (Billboy, David Seville, Archimedes)
  • Junior (Toto, Trevor)
  • Scooter (MacScooter)
  • Jimmy Gourd (MacJimmy, Leg-o-Lamb, Officer Sam)
  • Jerry Gourd (The Other Elf, Donald)
  • Pa Grape (Grumpy, Simon)
  • Mr. Lunt (Ahem, Pompous Maximus, Theodore)
  • George
  • Sara Crewe (Christina)
  • Chog Norrius
  • Roadie Reggie
  • Petunia (MacTunia)
  • Sporks
  • Scallion 1 (Scaryman)
  • Mr. Nezzer (Randalf, MacNezzer, Uncle Ian)
  • Madame Blueberry (Mrs. Netterbaum)
  • The French Peas (Henry and Miles)
  • Roman Grapes
  • The Groovy >Brother Fans & Crowds
  • Celery Park paperboy
  • Celery Park skateboard boy

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