God Loves You Very Much is an album associating with the DVD of the same name.


  1. God Loves You
  2. Fit for a Queen (and reprise)
  3. Best Freend
  4. More Beautiful (and reprise)
  5. Banished
  6. Ugly, Hairy Plan
  7. Action Scene!
  8. Pants
  9. Beautiful for Me
  10. Dance of the Cucumber
  11. Good Morning George
  12. Think of Me
  13. The New and Improved Bunny Song
  14. Stand!
  15. Happy Ki-Yi Birthday
  16. Dream Of A Dozen Cactus
  17. Oh Little Joe I (McPotipher's Song)
  18. I'm Blue
  19. Oh Little Joe II (Jail Cell)
  20. Mayor's Dream
  21. Oh Little Joe III (Instrumental)
  22. Bellybutton
  23. Eye of the Sparrow
  24. Lance the Turtle
  25. The Great I Am
  26. Attack on the Midianites (score)

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