Girls Aren't The Only Courageous Ones is a VeggieTales graphic novel. It has 70 pages of colored panels and speech bubbles. It is published by Comix. It adapts "Toy Story".

Changes from the EpisodeEdit

  • All singing is changed to speaking
  • The constellation of Merry Larry's dialog "Easy for you. I got pigs. I talk to myself." was changed to "Get a life, cowboy! You are a not-so cute guy."
  • Instead of Woody reading over his scroll of what he needs lots of, he reads over the scoll thinking of what he has this affection of all the things he needed lots of.
  • Like in A Disco Beat to Accept Forgiveness!, "How it Used to Be" wasn't sung. Instead, Buzz and Woody talk about why Buzz wants Woody to go back to his former musical career before he made a discovery that changed his life.
  • The Miss Babylons aren't included, but when Buzz finishes singing "I Couldn't Sail No Longer", they are still mentioned by Woody.

Additions to the BookEdit

  • Woody said "You see all those ants - and planimals - and Pisa too."
  • In addition to the daydreams Woody has about being a hero, Woody mentions he met two girls, and a king's right-hand-man, disguised as a girl, at a beauty pageant.

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