A fan-ficton thing to make.


Ever wonder why Gideon (Larry the Cucumber) is trained at marching in formation than in battle? He and Pa Angel must discover why in their quest to stop a magical railroad. But when Gideon starts having dreams about becoming a true hero, the Angel knows that, he needs to do something. Can they succeed? Will Gideon play his tuba at Carnegie Hall? Or will a great war erupt and end him?

Front CoverEdit

  • Gideon, and Pa Angel

Back CoverEdit

  • The people gathered around Gideon
  • The angel and Gideon in an elevator
  • Gideon and the people enjoying a very good game of pictures in the dirt at the Poison Apple Diner.
  • Bottom: Gideon, the angel, the people, Claw Guy and soldiers standing in a valley.


  • Larry the Cucumber as Gideon
  • Pa Grape as Pa Angel
  • Young Guy with Teal-Green Hat as himself (Cameo)
  • Turnips as themselves
  • Charlie Pincher as Policeman (cameo)
  • Mr. Lunt as Professor Hamlin
  • Archibald Asparagus as DJ
  • Scallions, Peas, Citizens and Zucchinis as Professor Hamlin's henchwomen
  • Mayor's Daughter as Teenage Woman 2
  • Old Man Jenkins as Old Man 2
  • Apollo Gourd as himself (cameo)
  • Mr. Nezzer as the Mayor
  • Claw Guy as himself
  • Phillipe and Jean-Claude as Claw Guy's soldiers
  • Laura Carrot as Nona
  • Junior Asparagus as Gibby
  • Madame Blueberry as Ginerva
  • Annie as Jenna

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