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An all-new collection from VeggieTales! Bob, Larry, and the rest of the crew present their favorite stories from the show in one big collection!


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Bob's favorite

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Laura's favorite


Pa Grape's favorite

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Mr. Nezzer's favorite

  • Larry's favorite: "Daniel and the Lion's Den"
  • Bob's favorite: "Josh and the Big Wall"
  • Junior's favorite: "Junior and the Contest"
  • Laura's favorite: "The Princess and the Popstar"
  • Petunia's favorite: "Duke and the Great Pie War"
  • Jimmy's favorite: "The Gourds Must Be Crazy"
  • Jerry's favorite: "Dave and the Giant Pickle"
  • The French Peas' favorite: "Coast to Coast: The Story of the Cucumber of Florida"
  • Pa Grape's favorite: "The Grapes of Wrath"
  • Mr. Nezzer's favorite: "Rack, Shack, and Benny"
  • Mr. Lunt's favorite: "Esther: the Girl Who Became Queen"
  • Madame Blueberry's favorite: "Madame Blueberry"
  • Alfred's favorite: "LarryBoy and the Waffle Overdose"
  • Mom Asparagus' favorite: "Tales from the Crisper"
  • Dad Asparagus' favorite: "The Big Beanstalk"
  • Percy's favorite: "LarryBoy and the Fib From Outer Space"
  • The Scallions' favorite: "The Ballad of Little Joe"
  • The Peach's favorite: "Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush"