Yep, "Boo-Boo Ville 2" won. Sorry it took way long.


Once upon a time, there live a silly professor - Jacques Cuke. As professors often do he invents stuff Jacques Cuke is out of control! He's on a rampage on marrying cable news reporter and college president Marlee so that she can become a queen for the umpteam-thousandth time by filling Boo-Boo Ville with his inventiveness However along the line; this rhubarb president didn't care. She tries to keep people cooped up all year and she is jealous that she makes them fall of a window. When Jacques's miscommunication makes Marlee ugly and hate Jacques, he tumbles into some problematic situations. Can Jacques's friends face their fear and get help from Leon Merengue before the village turns against Marlee? Will Jacques get to the root of the problem before Marlee get hurt? Could Jacques save the town and the day from the evil guys who are out to destroy Boo-Boo Ville and kill Jacques, his friends, Maurice and Marlee? Would Jacques stand chances with Marlee? And when the smoke clears and the story ends, should Jacques Cuke finally get to tell Marlee how he really feels? All your questions will be answered as Jacques attempts to invent a way to being Marlee back to him and discovers that taking time to do things the right the way is the best way!


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