Bible Adventures: Esther, Jonah and Moses is a fan-fiction thing to make. It is similar to that of Little Ones Can Do Big Things Too. Even though I still wanted these three stories in there, you'll have to buy the video to find out why.


  • Moe and the Big Exit
  • Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen
  • Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie


A BIG fish, a BIG queen and a BIG exit are the clues in these three stories that are included while we get ready for some silly fun with Jonah, Esther and Moe. INCLUDES ONE GREAT SILLY SONG!


Oh, no! There's trouble a-brewing in the Veggie Empire! The pompous asparagus prophet Jonah runs away and races to keep the message of Nineveh while being swallowed by a whale and surviving a rainstorm with three lazy pirates! Now Jonah is in big trouble. Can he really be mad or will he learn that "our God is a God of second chances!" before it's too late?!? How far can he go to lose it all?!?! And what will happen when he learns he's gone too far?!?!?


Now you all have heard the story of Queen Esther before, but I reckon you've never heard it with a Godfather twist! King Xerxes needs a new queen and Esther has been chosen! But she must find that it would take more courage than she imagined! It's the story of Esther, the girl who became queen told like never before... with Veggies! Meet Esther, a good-natured woman who lives high on the hog out in Persia while her kinfolk be chosen to be a new queen. When Haman tries to get rid the Persians, she must save them all. Laugh along as the whole VeggieTales gang learn that you never need to be afraid to do what's right. Don't miss the fun in "Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen"!


Lights! Camera! Action! The award-winning artists at Big Idea Entertainment, LLC. bring to life one of the Bible's greatest stories, the biggest Western epic of all time - and the most spectacular VeggieTales adventure yet - "The Lone Stranger"! When the Mayor tries to kill the people of Dodgeball City, Moe must save them. The burning tumbleweed, it's in there! The staff that turns into a snake, we've got that too! The plagues on Dodgeball, oh yeah. We've got swarms and storms, prairie dogs and pimples and rivers running red! A pet buffalo named Zippy? Okay, we added that. Can Moe realize that his God-given talents are what needed to free them all from the rotten plot? Based off the story of Moses with a The Lone Ranger twist, this story teaches kids about courage, belief and trustworthiness.

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