The next exciting episode of VeggieTales The series focuses on a band of young pirates consisting of Bake, Lizzy, Jubby and their parrot Lully, who continuously spend their days competing against Captain Nook and Mr. Lee

The CountertopEdit

Bob and Larry introduce the show normally for a change They introduce the show normally and then go to QWERTY to get the letter. QWERTY says the letter is from a kid named Robin now Robin once to know that he has to be a pirate Bob said that was a tough one, but that they have a couple of stories that just might help. Bob said to roll the film.

Bake and the Veggie Island PiratesEdit

The three pirates try to protect their secret hideout from Captain Hook.

The show revolves around a group of three children; Bake, Lizzy and Jubby (two boys and a girl) who are pirates in Never Land looking for treasure. Their main obstacles are Captain Nook, Lee, and Tick-Tock the Crocodile from Disney's Peter Pan franchise. Captain Hook usually sees Jake and his crew doing something fun and steals it from them, and Jake and his crew have to get it back. After they succeed, Bake and his crew count their gold doubloons (which they receive after solving puzzles, or "pirate problems") and put them in their treasure chest known as the "Team Treasure Chest".

The first season of the series followed more "playful" conflicts such as, Jake and the crew getting their basketball back from Captain Nook, or Bake and the crew taking back their stolen skateboard. The second season gave a larger scale to the adventure in the show, now having the characters find a lost city of gold, and an ancient pirate pyramid.

Closing CountertopEdit

Larry and Bob liked the story and then it was time to talk about what they learned. They got their verse and then Bob, Larry, and Robin said good bye.

Each program contains two eleven-minute animated episodes, followed by a live-action song by the Never Land Pirate Band. The singing characters "Darky" and "Sones" appear in both animated and live action forms.


  • VeggieTales Theme Song
  • Bake and the Veggie Island Pirates Theme Song
  • Yo Ho Mateys Away
  • The Team Treasure Chest Song
  • What We Have Learn Song
  • Yo Ho Ho (Music Video)


  • Bake and the Veggie Island Pirates is parody of Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Running GagsEdit

Silly SongEdit


What We Have Learned songEdit


Kid They Got a Letter FromEdit



  • Bob the Tomato (Bake)
  • Larry the Cucumber (Lully)
  • Robin
  • Junior Asparagus (Jubby)
  • Laura Carrot (Lizzy)
  • Mr. Nezzer (Captain Nook)
  • Mr. Lunt (Lee)
  • Dr. Flurry (Darky)
  • Scallion #1(Sones)

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