It's the very first VeggieTales Christmas party which is being held at Bob the Tomato's house where the theme is "Christmas Around the World" (which to quote Pa Grape is "Kind of like Missionary week, but without the food!") which deals with Christmas songs being sung from various cultures including Reggae, traditional, and even Mexican.

Along the way, the Veggies have to go through various complications including tire stained carpets, various guests (including the caterer) running late, and even sheep occupying the bathroom!


  • Bob the Tomato 
  • Larry the Cucumber
  • Juinor Asparagus
  • Jimmy Gourd
  • Jerry Gourd
  • Archabald Asparagus
  • The Grape Family (including: Ma, Pa, Tom and Rosie Grape)
  • French Peas (Jean-Claude, Phillipe and Crioffe
  • Palmy The Talking Jamaican Tree
  • The Polish Chef (Oscar)
  • Mr. Wally P Nezzer
  • Mr. Lunt
  • Scallian No.1 (Bank Robber)
  • Peach From The IRS

Cast (in Alphabetical Order):Edit

  • Phil Vischer: Bob the Tomato, Archibald Asparagus, Phillipe Pea, Jimmy Gourd, Pa Grape, Tom Grape, Mr. Wally P Nezzer, Mr. Lunt, Percy Pea, Silly Song Announcer, Bank Robber, Sheep #1
  • Mike Nawrocki: Larry the Cucumber, Jerry Gourd, Jean-Claude Pea, Unnamed I.R.S agent, Oscar the Polish Caterer, Sheep #2, Manuel (speaking voice)
  • Lisa Vischer: Junior Asparagus, Mom Asparagus, Vegetable Choir
  • Lesley Benodin: Lil' Pea
  • Kurt Heinecke: Sheep #3, Vegetable Choir
  • Kristin Blegen: Laura Carrot
  • Ken Cavanough: Buzz Saw Louie
  • Javier Alverez: Manuel (singing voice)
  • Jeff Morrow: Palmy
  • Chris Olsen: Christoff Pea
  • Bridget Miller: Ma Grape, Rosie Grape, Vegetable Choir
  • Angie Carlson: Vegetable Choir

Track Listing:Edit

  1. "Talking"*
  2. "More Talking"*
  3. "Still More Talking"*
  4. "Vegetables Talking"*
  5. "More Vegetables Talking"*
  6. "Vegetables Talking about Watching a Video"*
  7. "Vegetables Talking during a Video"*
  8. "More Talking"*
  9. "Even More Talking"*
  10. "Vegetables Talking to Sheep"*
  11. "Vegetables Talking to a Polish Caterer"
  12. "Vegetables Tire of Talking"*
  13. "The End of the Talking!"


  1. Opening Credits Veggie Tales Theme (Not in The Cd)
  2. "Feliz Navidad"
  3. "Boar's Head Carol"
  4. "Ring Little Bells" From "VeggieTales Christmas Spectacular"
  5. "Go Tell It on the Mountain"
  6. "Angels We Have Heard on High"
  7. "I Can't Believe it's Christmas" From "The Toy That Saved Christmas"
  8. "Grumpy Kids" From "The Toy That Saved Christmas"
  9. "Oh, Santa!" From "The Toy That Saved Christmas"
  10. "He is Born, the Holy Child"
  11. "While By My Sheep" From "VeggieTales Christmas Spectacular"
  12. "The 8 Polish Foods of Christmas" from "The Little Drummer Boy"
  13. "The Big Medley!" ("Joy to the World", "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem", "O Come All Ye Faithful", and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas")
  14. "Away in a Manger" (End Credits)

Fun Facts Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Bridget Miller: This album would be the last time Bridget Miller would voice Ma & Rosie Grape who can both be primarily heard on "Go Tell It on the Mountain". According to Phil Vischer, Bridget left Big Idea Productions shortly after the album was finished and instead of Ma & Rosie being recast they were put into retirement in 1997 after a brief non-speaking cameo in "Larry-Boy & The Fib from Outer Space!". Ma Grape would eventually return as Sarah in "Abe and the Amazing Promise" in 2009 nearly twelve years later where she was now voiced by Delilah. 
  • Larry: This album was recorded when Mike Nawrocki gave Larry a lisp which went away around the time when "King George and the Ducky" came out a little over four years later.
  • Palmy: This album marks the second (and currently final) appearance of Palmy who first appeared in "Larry's Lagoon" on "God Wants Me to Forgive Them?!?" and this is also the first time that his name is revealed. In both instances, he was voiced by Jeff Morrow who has done many voiceovers in commercials including "McDonalds" & "Sears" and had previously provided the voice of Dig'em Frog from various "Honey Smacks" commercials between the 80s & 90s.
  • Christoff Pea: This is the second of only two appearances by Christoff Pea who was voiced by Big Idea's former animation director Chris Olsen who originally debuted alongside Jean-Claude in "Dave and the Giant Pickle" almost seven months prior who was replaced by Phillipe shortly afterwards.
  • Phillipe Pea: This album marks the official debut of Phillipe Pea who would get his big break about a year later when he appears alongside Jean Claude in "Josh and the Big Wall!" replacing Christoff and the rest is history.
  • Manuel: This album is the only appearance (to date) of Larry's Mexican friend Manuel who joins him in singing "Feliz Navidad", the only other thing that's known about Manuel is that unlike many of the other VeggieTales characters he actually has hands. According to Mike Nawrocki (the voice of Larry among others), his original intention was to have Manuel be voiced by his friend Manuel Valencia who along with Mike's wife Lisa did the Spanish translation for "Dance of the Cucumber" on "Rack, Shack & Benny", however due to scheduling conflicts Manuel instead was voiced by Javier Alverez who (in Mike's own words) "Couldn't sing!".
  • Sheep: This is the second time the sheep have been used since their debut in "Dave and the Giant Pickle" and are primarily for "While by My Sheep" which is sung by Junior. In "Dave and the Giant Pickle", the sheep were only voiced by Phil Vischer, while here Phil's also joined by Mike Nawrocki & Big Idea's musical director Kurt Heinecke in one of his very few credited voice acting roles.
  • Oscar the Polish Caterer: This album marks the debut appearance of Oscar the Polish Caterer who wouldn't make his first on-screen appearance until "The Blues with Larry" on "Duke and the Great Pie War" nearly nine years later. This is much speculation among the VeggieTales fan base that Oscar the Polish Caterer is the same Oscar in "Love My Lips!" who taught Larry the Polish word for lip (Usta!). 
  • "Feliz Navidad": This version of the classic song which slightly differs from the original by having a different tempo as well as Larry having a tuba solo (along with briefly playing "The Chicken Song") has been infamously used as an Easter Egg in a few VeggieTales projects over the years first being faintly heard in "The Toy that Saved Christmas" which originally came out at around the same time as well as an instrumental briefly being used in "The 8 Polish Foods of Christmas" on "The Little Drummer Boy" fifteen years later.
  • "Ring, Little Bells": This song would later be animated and used as part of PAX TV's premiere of "The VeggieTales Christmas Spectacular!" a little over two years later.
  • "He is Born, the Holy Child": The beginning of this song was briefly heard during the ending of "The Toy that Saved Christmas" but only in the original 1996 release.
  • "While By My Sheep": Like "Ring, Little Bells", this song would later be animated and used as part of PAX TV's premiere of "The VeggieTales Christmas Spectacular!" a little over two years later. 
  • "The 8 Polish Foods of Christmas": This album marks the debut of the most well known song from the album, "The 8 Polish Foods of Christmas" which is a play off of "The Twelve Days of Christmas". This song would later be available as an Easter Egg on the DVD of "The Toy that Saved Christmas" six years later, a part of the "Christmas Sing-Along Songs!" DVD fourteen years later and finally becoming it's own Silly Song on "The Little Drummer Boy" a year later (which would be fifteen years after the album's original debut) where it was now rerecorded to have better sound quality. 
  • "Away in a Manger": This is the first appearance of the infamous rendition of "Away in a Manger" that's sung by Junior and his mom which first appeared outside the album on the 1998 re-release of "The Toy that Saved Christmas" in which it's use during the ending replaced "He is Born, the Holy Child" as sung by the French Peas in the original 1996 version and has been in every reissue since. It was then later put on the "Christmas Sing-Along Songs!" DVD in 2010, the "O Holy Night: Journey of a Little Drummer Boy" CD in 2011, and even being used in a book of the song's same name in 2012!